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Geo Area Properties

This topic lists the properties of a Geo Area object, which is supported in geographic maps in web reports and library components.

Property Name Description
Boundary Color Specifies the color of the area border. Choose a color from the drop-down list or select Custom to customize a color. You can also type a hexadecimal RGB value (for example, 0xff0000) to specify a color.

Data type: String

Boundary Style Specifies the line style of the area border. Choose an option from the drop-down list.

Data type: Enumeration

Boundary Width Specifies the width of the area border. Type a numeric value to change the width.

Data type: Float

Invisible Specifies whether to show the object in the design area and in the report result. All formulas and calculations will still be performed if the property is set to true.

Data type: Boolean

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