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Design/View Area

This topic introduces the Design/View area of Logi Report Designer.

Design/View Area

The Design/View area, or report designing window, comprises of the following parts:

Title bar

The title bar shows the report file name, and three buttons for you to minimize, maximize and close the active report.

Design tab

The Design tab, which is also called the report editor, is for laying out your report. You can make use of rulers, grids and guidelines to position objects. The appearance of the tab can be customized via the Options dialog.

View tab

The View tab is for previewing the report layout and result. The report may not display exactly as the user would see it in Logi Report Server. Interactive objects such as parameter and filter objects are not active and report links are not active. In this tab there is a toolbar which consists of the following buttons:

  • First Page button First Page
    Displays the first page of the report.
  • Previous Topic button Previous Topic
    Displays the Previous Topic of the report.
  • Next Topic button Next Topic
    Displays the Next Topic of the report.
  • Last Page button Last Page
    Displays the last page of the report.
  • Toc button Toc
    Shows the table of contents.
  • Refresh Data button Refresh Data
    Refreshes the data with the same parameters.
  • Refetch Data button Refetch Data
    Re-fetches data to re-run the report with different parameters.
  • Stop button Stop
    select this button if you want Logi Report to stop generating the report.
  • Back button Back
    Navigates to the last view.
  • Forward button Forward
    Navigates forward.
  • Drag Tool button Drag Tool
    Drags the page up and down.

    select this button, and place your mouse pointer on any blank area of the report. When the mouse pointer becomes a small hand, you can drag the page.
  • Zoom In Tool button Zoom In Tool
    Zooms in to see more detail. Select the Zoom In tool then select in the border of the report repeatedly to zoom in.
  • Zoom Out Tool button Zoom Out Tool
    Zooms out to see the overall view of the page. Select the Zoom Out tool then select on the border of the report repeatedly to zoom out.

Report tab bar

The report tab bar is for switching among report tabs in a page report. It also provides a shortcut menu that allows you to rename, duplicate, or remove a report tab. For details, see Managing the report tabs in a page report.

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