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Links in Report

You can add links in a report to make the report linked with other reports, locations specified by URLs, e-mail addresses, or Blob data type fields. In this way, the users of the report can gain access to the linked targets by selecting the corresponding trigger objects in the report.

Logi Report supports the following components as the trigger objects of links: Label, DBField, Formula Field, Parameter Field, Summary Field, Special Field, Image, and Chart. You can create either simple links or conditional links in a report. Using conditional links, you can make different targets loaded based on different conditions.

You can add links to a report either at report design time or at server run time. For additional information, refer to Adding Links in Reports in the Logi Report Designer Guide and Adding Links in a Report in the Logi Report Server Guide.

In the following example, we add two conditional links on a DBField in a web report in Web Report Studio: one conditional link is to open a URL, and the other to open another report.

Set Conditional Link

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