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Logi Report Server Monitor

Logi Report Server Monitor, a standalone web-based application used to monitor the overall performance of Logi Report Server, allows you to inspect the status of Logi Report Server, including the status of the servers in a cluster, the status of different reports, the status of online users, and so on. Logi Report Server Monitor is able to generate and display a performance chart of Logi Report Server, thus you can view the performance of the server in the form of Line Chart Graph or Text. You can also use Logi Report Server Monitor to maintain other administrative features of Logi Report Server, such as shutting down the servers, stopping waiting/running tasks, logging out a valid UserSession, and so on.

For more detailed information about using the monitor, refer to the Logi Report Server Monitor Guide.

The following example illustrates how to use the Server Monitor to monitor the status and performance of Logi Report Server, and to perform a maintenance task.

Monitor and Maintain Logi Report Server by Server Monitor

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