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Logi Report Server supports multitenancy architecture by organizing users into different organizations. An organization is a group of users that has its own administrator. This enables the ability to have multiple tenant administrators who have fine-grained management of their own resources, security, and user policies.

There is an overall server system admin which can create and manage organizations and allocate different server resources according to the organizations. The admin in an organization can create and manage users in the organization, assign resource permissions to them, and configure Logi Report Server for the organization. Each organization has its own public resources which can only be accessed by the users within the organization. An organization’s public resources are located in the Organization Reports and Organization Components folders.

Multitenancy is a separately licensed feature of Logi Report Server. It is installed together with Logi Report Server so you only need to update the license key to enable it to work.

See Multitenancy Supported via Organizations in the Logi Report Server Guide for detailed information.

In the following example, we first log onto Logi Report Server as the overall server system admin and create an organization, then we log in as the admin of the organization and create a user in the organization, and at last we log in using the organization user account. When organization users log onto Logi Report Server, they see the Organization Reports and Organization Components folders in addition to the My Reports/Components and Public Reports/Components folders.

Multi-tenancy via Organizations

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