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Open Sample Report Templates

There are many sample reports in Logi Report Designer, you can open any of them to learn how to create them. There are two directories for sample reports and sample components. If you want to see how a particular component works such as a Checkbox web control or a particular chart type such as Scatter chart, open the catalog in <install_root>\Demo\Reports\SampleComponents. If you want examples of complete reports similar to what you will provide to your end users, open the catalog in <install_root>\Demo\Reports\SampleReports.

  1. Select Logi Report Designer in the Logi Report folder on the Start menu to start Logi Report Designer.
  2. On the Start Page, select Browse in the Open category.
  3. In the Open Report dialog, select the Browse button to open the catalog file in <install_root>\Demo\Reports\SampleReports.
  4. Choose one of the reports listed, and then select OK to open it.

    Open Report

  5. To preview the report result, select the View tab.

    Preview Report

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