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Report Bursting

Report bursting enables you to schedule and distribute a single page report to multiple users who each receive a subset of the results related only to them. This greatly reduces administrative burden as well as run time load since you don't have to run a report a million times in order to get a million results. You can also schedule a bursting task at a low-load time to reduce performance impact. Bursting report results can be distributed to any destination, including e-mail, FTP, disk, Logi Report’s versioning system, and users in the Logi Report Server security system.

To create a bursting report, first the report designer needs to create a recipient query. The query should contain data fields that define recipients and a secondary data field that can be mapped to the bursting key which is the field distinguishing how the report data is to be split. The report data is therefore split by the bursting key and then distributed to the recipients in the query according to the mapping relationship.

Refer to Creating Bursting Reports in the Logi Report Designer Guide for detailed information.

In the following example, we define a bursting schema in a page report to split the report data according to regions and distribute the report results to the Logi Report Server's versioning system. After the catalog and report are published to Logi Report Server, we can schedule a task to distribute the bursting results.

Bursting Report

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