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This image notes any new content for version 17 of the product. For more information please see the Release Notes or What's New topics.Login Server

The Login Server dialog box is used to specify the information required for logging onto a Logi Report Server in order to publish resources to the server. It appears when you select Publish > To Server on the task bar of the Resources page in the server console but you haven't logged onto the target server, or select Change Login Settings in the Publish to Server dialog box.

Login Server dialog


Specifies the host of the target Logi Report Server to which you want to publish resources.


Specifies the port that the target server listens to.

Servlet Path

It is /jrserver when the target server is a standalone server, and is used in the URL to access the servlet. If the target Logi Report Server is an embedded server, for example jreport.jar the servlet path would be /jreport/jrserver.


Abbreviation of Security Socket Layer. Select this option to specify whether to create an SSL connection when the target server is integrated with another web server which supports SSL.

User Name

Specifies the user name used to access the target server.


Specifies the password of the user name.

Remember Me

Specifies whether or not to remember the login information.


Connects to the target server and logs you in.


Cancels operations and closes the dialog box.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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