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This image notes any new content for version 17 of the product. For more information please see the Release Notes or What's New topics.Publish to Server

The Publish to Server dialog box is used to publish resources from one Logi Report Server to another. It appears when you select Publish > To Server on the task bar of the Resources page in the server console after you have logged onto the target server.

Publish to Server dialog

Publish To

Shows the URL using which you have logged onto the target server to which the resource will be published.

  • Change Login Settings
    Opens the Login Server dialog box to edit the login information.

Target Path

Specifies the folder on the target server resource tree where the resource will be published. Select the Browse button to select the folder.

Resources From

Specifies in which folder to get the resources in the source server resource tree. Select the Browse button to select folder.


Lists the resources that can be published.


Lists the resources you have selected to publish.

Add button

Adds the resources selected in the Resources box to the Selected box.

Remove button

Removes the selected resources from the Selected box.


Publishes the selected resources to the specified server.


Cancels the operations.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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