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Sharing Properties

The Sharing Properties dialog box is used to set the properties for sharing a report.

Sharing Properties dialog

Original Resource

Displays the resource name and path of the original report.

Original Resource Type

Displays the resource type of the original report.

Original Resource Description

Displays the description about the original report.

[Custom Field Name]

Specifies value of the custom field for the report. A custom field can be regarded as a resource property and is available when it is enabled.

Shared Resource Name

Displays the resource name of the shared report.

Shared To

Displays the resource name and path of the shared report. You can select Choose button and then select a different folder in the server resource tree to change the location of the shared report in the Select Folder dialog box.

Shared Resource Description

Provides a brief description about the shared report.

Shared Time

Displays the time when the shared report was created.

Allow Edit

Specifies whether to allow other users to edit the shared report.


Applies the settings and exits the dialog box.


Cancels any settings and closes the dialog box.


Discards your modifications and restores the dialog box to its default status.


Displays the help document about this feature.

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