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Page Report Studio

Page Report Studio provides a dynamic report view at the client side. It provides support for many features. You can dynamically modify - filter, search, sort and drill - reports to obtain unique and personal data views. Page Report Studio also supports a web design feature, allowing you to create reports using report oriented data structures based on predefined business views, save your custom modifications to the reports and export the report results to all supported output formats.

Page reports published to Logi Report Server or created in Page Report Studio are stored in the server resource system and follow the server resource and version management rules such as archive policy and permission setting. Logi Report Designer supports creating, opening, and editing of page reports as well.

Page Report Studio has two views: Basic View and Interactive View. Basic View provides viewing-oriented functions only and Interactive View provides additional editing and analytic functions. When accessing Page Report Studio by creating new page reports, Interactive View is applied by default; when accessing by running existing page reports, which view is applied depends on the way you use to run the reports. You can switch between the two views by selecting the corresponding view link on the toolbar if it is available.

The following topics provide more information on how Page Report Studio makes reports interactive and how you will benefit:

Besides working on interfaces, most of the Page Report Studio operations such as Filter, Sort, Search, Save, and so on, can also be accomplished via URL. For details. refer to Working with Page Reports via URL.

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