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Running and Scheduling Reports Logi Report Server v17

In the Logi Report Server console, you can run or schedule the reports that are published or saved into the resource tree to view their results. When running a report, you can use either direct running or advanced running based on your requirements. Scheduling a report allows a report to be delivered to different destinations in various formats at one or more designated dates and times. Logi Report Server records the report running tasks in different task tables. You can view the status of these tasks, such as scheduled tasks that are waiting to be performed, the tasks that are currently being performed, and the tasks that have already been performed in different task tables.

The following topics provide more information on running and scheduling reports:

You can also use URL commands to directly run reports and create schedule tasks. For details, refer to Running Reports and Scheduling Reports in the URL topic.

Tip: You can customize the Resources page in the Logi Report Server console to suit your requirements by setting your own preferences. To do this:

  1. Select Tools > Preferences on the task bar of the Resources page.
  2. In the General tab of the Preferences page, specify the default viewing format when directly running a report, and set which columns will be shown in the resource information table.
  3. In the Export Formats tab, predefine the properties for each export format which will be applied when you run or schedule a report.
  4. Select OK to apply the settings. The specified default report viewing format and export properties will be saved into the server profile.

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