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Web Report Studio

Logi Report provides the web reporting solution for faster and simpler design and creation of reports using the new interactive viewer called Web Report Studio. Web Report Studio provides a much nicer end user experience with many powerful features for creating and interfacing with reports. It also allows exporting the reports to all supported output formats. Furthermore Web Report Studio is able to be responsive to any size of browsers on any mobile devices. The same report is rendered differently depending on the device or screen size without having to be manually resized. While for mobile devices using iOS, in order to run reports on the mobile browser you need to make sure the iOS version is up to the latest.

The data sources that can be used to create web reports are business views, which can provide interactive information. Interactive information empowers you to slice and dice your business data, to dynamically change your view of data, and to analyze the data to glean useful business information. In short, interactive information enables you to customize your view of business information, extending the "life" of the report by allowing you to easily sort, navigate, and filter data. This wide range of functionality, including the ability to drill down on data, enables you to quickly derive value from your business intelligence data.

Web reports published to Logi Report Server or created in Web Report Studio are stored in the server resource system and follow the server resource and version management rules such as archive policy and permission setting. Logi Report Designer supports creating, opening, and editing of web reports as well.

Web Report Studio provides two ways for creating and working with web reports: traditional way and quick start way. In the traditional way, reports are created using the Web Report Wizard which allows creating complex reports with multiple components in a tabular style layout, and also allows for company logo and titles to be placed on the top of the page for more formal presentation. In the quick start way, a table report is created quickly based on the data fields you selected in a business view. When Logi Report Server is newly installed, by default it is the quick start way. When the server is upgraded from an earlier version, it is the traditional way by default. You can switch between the two ways using either of the following methods:

  • In the server profile, select the Yes check box for the Use Wizard for Web Report Studio option if you prefer the traditional way. Otherwise unselect Yes.
  • In Web Report Studio, select Menu > Edit, select Use Wizard to use the traditional way, or unselect it to use the quick start way.

Web Report Studio has two modes: View Mode and Edit Mode. View Mode provides viewing-oriented functions only and Edit Mode provides additional editing and analytic functions. When accessing Web Report Studio by creating new web reports, Edit Mode is applied by default; when accessing by running existing web reports, which mode is applied depends on the way you use to run the reports. You can switch between the two modes using the mode drop-down list on the toolbar if it is available.

The following topics provider more information to help you better interact with web reports:


  • A Logi Report Live license for Logi Report Server is required in order to use Web Report Studio. If you do not have the license, contact your Logi Analytics account manager to obtain it.
  • Web Report Studio cannot run on Internet Explorer 8.

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