Install Logi Predict v3 - Linux

This topic guides you through installing Logi Predict on a single computer under Linux or similar operating systems. It's in-tended for system administrators and application developers.

About Logi Predict

Logi Predict is an add-on module that enables specialized elements in Logi Info and adds a complete, pre-built Logi application to your computer.

The included Logi Predict application uses the elements and allows regular users, instead of data scientists, to model data and make predictive analyses at runtime. Developers can examine Logi Predict for educational purposes and can also customize its branding and other features, if desired. We've also provided a guide for end-users, Logi Predict Setup and Use.

Logi Predict works with these database servers:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL v9.1+
  • Redshift  

in a 64-bit OS environment.

In use, Logi Predict connects to two kinds of databases: an analysis database, containing the data to be analyzed, and an operations database that's used to store the application's internal operations data.

When Logi Predict is run for the first time, it creates the operations database on the designated database server. Subsequently, whenever a new Logi Predict user session is started, the application verifies the operations database to ensure that all internal application data tables are present and up-to-date. Database updates are automatically applied when necessary.  

R Environment

Logi Predict uses the "R" environment for statistical analysis, which must also be installed. R is not distributed with Logi Predict, so you must download and install it yourself (see details below).

If you're developing a Logi application for distribution that uses Logi Predict, you must adhere to the GPL license and you may not distribute R. You must allow your installer, Logi Predict's installer, or your customer, to independently download and install R.

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Preparing to Install

In this topic, we present examples for an installation on a machine using a Linux OS and the Apache-Tomcat web server. Depending on your specific OS and web server, some of the examples may need to be adapted. We assume you're sufficiently competent with your OS and web server to accomplish that. 


You must ensure that this software is installed and configured on your Linux server before installing Logi Predict:

  • Apache-Tomcat (or a similar web server) - Ensure that your web server is supported by reviewing Java Server Configurations. Configure any required environment variables, such as CATALINA_HOME.
  • R Environment - Logi Predict uses the R environment for statistical analysis. Download the R Base System and Packages and install it, using all of the default installation options.

     As of this writing, Logi Predict works with R 3.4.1 - 3.4.4, but it has not been certified with 3.4.5.
  • JDK 1.8+ - The JDK 1.8 or later is required; the JRE is not sufficient. Configure any required environment variables, such as JAVA_HOME.  

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Installing the Software

There is no specialized Logi Predict "installer" for Linux OS platforms. Instead, you must install Logi Predict on a Windows machine, then copy the application to your Linux server. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Windows machine, use the Install Logi Predict - Windows to install Logi Predict, with these options:
    • Select the Java version option
    • Select NOT to install R ("No, I will download and install R-3.4.1 myself...")
    • Use the default installation location: C:\Program Files\Logi Analytics. The resulting application root folder is called "PredictGo".

  2. Copy the PredictGo folder and all its contents from the Windows machine to the Linux server, into a location appropriate for the web server (for example, for Apache-Tomcat, this is in its webapps folder).
  3. (Skip for Tomcat) If necessary, "register" Logi Predict as an application with the web server.
  4. (Skip for Tomcat) If necessary, grant the account or user the web server uses to run applications the read, write, and execute access permissions to the PredictGo folder and all its child files and folders.
  5. Configure the web server appropriately for a Logi Info application (see Java Server Configurations). 

Currently, Logi Predict only works with special versions of the Logi Engine; these are denoted by a "-PA" suffix when you view the Engine Version in Studio or in a Debug page. An appropriate version is installed with the application. However, if you change to a non-"PA" engine version, Logi Predict will no longer work.

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Post-Installation R Configuration

Once the installation is done, you need to complete several configuration tasks before you can use Logi Predict.

First, you need to tell Logi Predict where R has been installed:

On your Linux server, use a text editor to open the file PredictGo/_Definitions/_Settings.lgx and find the Constants element. Add the constant shown highlighted above, substituting your R installation's folder path and filename for the file Rscript.exe (but, as shown, do not include the file extension in the constant value).

Then, see Configure Logi Predict for the other configuration details, skipping any steps that refer to Logi Studio. 

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