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Logi Report Licenses

Logi Report has several add-on licenses. Each of the licenses enables specific feature. Contact your Logi Analytics account manager to obtain your required license.

Live License

Designer and Server have separate live licenses.

Live license for Designer

A Live license for Designer enables you to utilize the following features in Designer:

  • Create and edit business views. These are metadata descriptions created in Designer to be used as data sources for real time ad hoc reports.
  • Create reports from business views.
  • Export and print reports created from business views.
  • The following functions also require that Server has a Live license:
    • Preview web reports in Web Report Studio and preview page reports created using business views in Page Report Studio.
    • Publish reports created from business views to Server.
    • Download ad hoc reports created using business views from Server.

Live license for Server

A Live license for Server controls the real time ad hoc and analysis reporting in Server. The Live license enables you to utilize all of the following features and functions in Server:

  • Create, view, run, edit, export, print, and publish ad hoc page reports and web reports. The data sources for these reports are created in Designer, which requires Designer has a Live license.
  • All actions in Page Report Studio involving business views or changes to a report template:
    • Create new page reports or page report tabs
    • Delete report tabs from a page report
    • Add components and data fields into reports
    • Remove components from reports
    • Move and resize components
    • Edit component properties
    • Drill
    • Change chart type
    • Rotate tables and crosstabs
    • Convert between crosstab and chart
    • Create query filters
    • Display the Resource View panel which shows the data resources for the current open report

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JDashboard License

A JDashboard license enables the use of JDashboard and all related functions. Designer and Server have separate JDashboard licenses.

Since JDashboard requires using business views as data sources, the Live license is also required. Designer and Server have separate Live licenses too.

JDashboard license for Designer

A JDashboard license for Designer enables the creation of library components which are used to build dashboards and publishing of library components to Server.

JDashboard license for Server

A JDashboard license for Server enables the management of library components in the component library, the creation of dashboards using library components, and the use of dashboards.

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Visual Analysis License

A Visual Analysis license enables the use of Visual Analysis and all related functions. Since Visual Analysis requires using business views as the data source, the Live license is also needed in order to perform visual analysis.

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Cluster License

A Cluster license enables a group of Servers to work together with shared resources, load balancing, and failover in a distributed cluster.

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Organization License

An Organization license enables organizing users into different groups with their own administrators.

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XML Catalog and Report License

An XML Catalog and Report license enables saving catalog and page report files in the XML format in Designer, which gives users more controllability over their resources.

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