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Logi Report Product Overview

Logi Report delivers operational business intelligence to enterprise applications through powerful embedded reporting. This topic provides an overview of the Logi Report architecture and the Logi Report products.

Logi Report is a complete Java reporting solution that provides sophisticated enterprise reporting, ad hoc reporting, and data analysis. A 100% Java EE architecture and a rich set of APIs enable Logi Report to be seamlessly embedded into any application, providing end users with a transparent interface to easily generate reports, share information, and analyze data. In Logi Report, you can make any report interactive, thus extend the "life" of a report by enabling users to easily sort, group, navigate, and filter via the Web. This wide range of functionality, including the ability to drill down on data, enables users to quickly derive value from their business intelligence.

Logi Report's architecture takes advantage of the portability, scalability, and ease of integration associated with Java EE technology to provide a powerful, flexible reporting solution that fits perfectly within any application architecture.

Logi Report Product Architecture

Logi Report Server is a high performance reporting engine designed to support embedded analytics for any application. It can scale from a single CPU to a cluster of servers for any deployment requirement on any system architecture. With a full set of Java and JavaScript APIs, Logi Report Server has been integrated into hundreds of applications and caters to hundreds of thousands of users every day. As a 100% Java report generation and management tool, Logi Report Server enables efficient management, sharing, scheduling, and delivery of reports. With Logi Report Server, any application can empower end users to create, navigate, and interact with their data visualizations.

Logi Report Designer is a Swing-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables sophisticated report design and presentation of critical business data. It provides an intuitive interface, reusable report components, flexible layout, and a toolset for designing and testing reports. With Logi Report Designer, you can build reports using simple drag and drop techniques or by using the report wizard; you can access data from any data source to design and preview reports in order to deliver information to end users in the most relevant and intuitive manner; you can accomplish rapid creation and modification of reports by toggling between design mode and view mode where the report displays with the actual dataset. Once report design is complete, you can publish the report to Logi Report Server for generation, delivery, and management.

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