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Test Server Installation

After Server is installed, you can start it and log onto the Server Console to run reports and dashboards and create ad hoc reports.

To start Server:

On the machine where Server is installed, select Start Server in the Logi Report folder on the Start Menu.

To log onto the Server Console:

  1. If you are accessing the Server Console from the same machine on which you installed Server, after you start Server, Server displays a welcome page automatically in your default web browser, and prompts you to provide the login information.

    If you are accessing the Server Console from a remote computer, open a web browser and set the URL to http://ip_or_hostname:port. By default, the port for accessing the Server Console is 8888.

  2. Type your user name and password as assigned by your administrator.
  3. Select LOGIN and Server displays the Console home page, which by default is the Start Page. Choose a topic to start your work on Server.

    Server Start Page

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