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Logi Report Tutorial Part III: Advanced Reporting

In this part, we focus on some advanced reporting features of Logi Report: how to use Designer to create different types of reports, how to publish the reports and related resources to Server and manage them on Server, and so on.

The reports we build in this part are related to a fictional, mid-size retail coffee chain named Jinfonet Gourmet Java. All documents needed to run the business and drive decision-making are reports generated by Logi Report. By integrating sophisticated reporting functionality in enterprise applications, organizations can access, analyze, and deliver data, and unlock critical business data hidden within applications.

The business questions that Logi Report reports can answer include:

  • What were the sales totals last month? Last year?
  • Which regions had the highest sales? Which sales representative?
  • Which product was the best selling last month? Last year?
  • ...

Data sources used in the tracks

Logi Report reports can pull data from any type of JDBC-accessible database, including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and so on, or other data sources such as XML, SOAP Web Service, and Hive. The data store for Jinfonet Gourmet Java is an RDBMS and XML file. The reports access the same data storage as the applications of Jinfonet Gourmet Java: inventory management system, store operations, supply chain management, and order tracking, and access and update the data store.

Data Storage

The following table shows the tables in the DBMS and XML data source. The DBMS Name/XML Name is the name of the table as it is known in the DBMS or XML data itself; the Table Name is the table name that is shown in Designer. By mapping the actual data source names to Designer names, report designers can work with more intuitive or customized names.

DBMS Database
DBMS Name Table Name Table Description
ACCOUNTMANAGERS Account Managers Jinfonet Gourmet Coffee employees
CONTACTS Contacts Customer contact information
CUSTOMERS Customers Customer name, contact, and address
ORDERS Orders Customer orders
ORDERSDETAIL Orders Detail Orders line items
PRODUCTS Products Product information
STOCKMARKET Stock Market Stock information
XML Data Source
XML Name Table Name Table Description
_Jinfonet Jinfonet  
_Jinfonet_Employee Employee Jinfonet Gourmet Coffee employees
_Jinfonet_CompanyInfo CompanyInfo Company information
_Jinfonet_StockMarket StockMarket Stock information
_Jinfonet_Customer Customer Customer name, contact, and address
_Jinfonet_Customer_Order Order Customer orders
_Jinfonet_Customer_Order_OrderDetail OrdersDetail Orders line items
_Jinfonet_Catalog Catalog Product number and description for catalog
_Jinfonet_Catalog_Product Product Product information

This part contains the following tracks:

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