Deleting Group Definitions

Zoomdata system administrators and users who are assigned to a group with group management privileges can delete group definitions in a Zoomdata account .

To delete a group definition:

  1. Log into Zoomdata as a Zoomdata administrator or a user who has been assigned to a group with group management privileges.

    If the user name you log in with is also associated with other Zoomdata accounts, verify that the correct account is selected. See Switching Accounts.
  2. Select (Settings) and then select Users & Groups. The Users and Groups page appears. It contains two options: Users and Groups.

  3. Click the Groups option to see a list of all of the group definitions that have been defined for the account.

  4. In the list of groups, locate the name of the group you want to delete and click its associated icon. A warning dialog appears that prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the group.

  5. Click on the warning dialog to remove the group definition.