Specifying General User Definition Information

When you add or modify a user definition, the following general information can be specified:

  • The login name for the user definition
  • The user's full name
  • The user's email address
  • The user's password
  • Groups to which the user is assigned
  • Whether the user definition is enabled or disabled.

This general information is managed on the Info tab of the user definition editor. To access the Info tab, see Adding User Definitions or Modifying User Definitions. For information on the user definition settings that can be changed on other tabs of the user definition editor, see:

You can modify the general information for user definitions in a Zoomdata account if you are logged in as a Zoomdata account administrator, a Zoomdata supervisor, or a user who is assigned to a group with user management privileges.

The following table describes all of the information you can change on the Info tab. The Required? column indicates whether the information is required in a user definition.

Tab Field Required? Default Description
Login Name Yes --- The login name for the user. This is also the name for the user definition. The login name must be unique in all accounts in the Zoomdata instance. It must include at least one alphanumeric character.

The login name is used to log into Zoomdata. See Logging In.
Full Name No --- The full name of the user. Specify up to 40 characters of the user's given name.
Email No --- The email address of the user. Specify up to 254 characters of the user's email.
Change Password Yes --- Click the arrow in this box to expand the Info tab and see the Password and Confirm Password boxes.
Password Yes --- The password associated with this user name. The password must contain at least nine characters and must include one lowercase, one uppercase, one numeric, and one special character. Special characters include these characters: !@#$%^&**()-_=+,.:;<>
Confirm Password Yes --- The password associated with this user name. Use this text box to retype the password you specified in the Password text box when you initially create the user definition and when you change the password for the user.
Require password change No No Use the Require password change toggle to indicate whether the user should be prompted to change their password when they log on for the first time (or the first time after their password was set or changed).

When a supervisor creates a new user, the Require password change toggle on the Info tab is always on (set to Yes) and cannot be altered. New users created by a supervisor are required to change their password when they first log into Zoomdata. After the new user has been created, supervisors cannot reset or change the user password. Only Zoomdata administrators can reset or change user passwords.
No ---

Click this button to assign the user to one or more groups in the account. The Add Group(s) dialog appears.

Only administrators can assign users to the Administrators group.

Use the search box at the top of the dialog to locate a group name in the list. You can also sort the group names in ascending or descending order using the Sort By Name arrows.

After selecting (checking) one or more groups for the user definition, click Apply to assign the user to the groups and close the Add Group(s) dialog.

Disable User No not checked This option appears only for account administrators or account users who are assigned to a group with user management privileges. Use the Disable User checkbox to disable the user definition in the account. See Enabling and Disabling User Definitions.