Switching Accounts

If a user is assigned to multiple accounts, they can switch between accounts while they are logged into Zoomdata. In addition, a user definition can be assigned to the different accounts with different group authorizations.

You can specify the account used by a user the next time they log in. See Setting the Current Account for a User. You can also assign users to multiple Zoomdata accounts. See Assigning and Removing Users in Zoomdata Accounts.

To switch accounts:

  1. Log into Zoomdata as the user that is assigned to multiple accounts.

  2. Click the icon.

    The account dialog appears.

  3. To switch accounts, select a different account in the Current Account box.

    If this box does not appear on the account dialog, your user name is not assigned to more than one Zoomdata account. See Assigning and Removing Users in Zoomdata Accounts.

Your user definition may provide you with different levels of access to Zoomdata features and functions in different accounts. After switching accounts, the groups to which you are assigned in the new account determine which account data source configurations, data store connections, and dashboards (that you created or that were shared by other users of the account) are available for you to use.