What Can You Embed?

The Zoomdata JavaScript application framework allows you to query data from the Zoomdata server and embed Zoomdata charts in your own web application. The Zoomdata client application provides a number of controls for interacting with these charts. These controls are part of the Zoomdata client application rather than the chart itself. When you embed the chart, these controls are not embedded with charts.

For example the image below shows a bar chart in the Zoomdata client application. The highlighted objects are not embedded with the chart when it is embedded in a custom application.

Objects not embedded include:

  • Chart title and information
  • Chart drop-down menu
  • X and Y selectable axis labels
  • Time bar and time controls
  • Context menu
  • Tool tips
  • Legend
  • Controls for saving, searching, favoriting, sharing, or adding additional charts

The same chart, embedded in a custom app, looks like the following example.

While the SDK does not replicate controls found in the Zoomdata client application, it does provide the data that you need to recreate many of them.