Changing the Chart Style

After creating a chart on a dashboard, you can change the chart style. Based on the data source you are using, certain chart styles may not be available.

From the chart style menu, you can also change fonts and styling for your chart. All chart styles allow you to change the fonts, but only some chart styles allow you to edit the bar labels. With bar chart styles, you can also change various settings such as the orientation, groupings, and style of the bars.

To change the chart style:

  1. Select Chart Style from the chart drop-down menu. The Chart Style sidebar appears.

  2. In the Chart Style sidebar, select the chart style category (1) and the chart style (2) you want to use.

  3. Some chart styles have additional settings that can be set. For example, bar charts have vertical or horizontal orientation settings and offer settings for plain, clustered, stacked, or 100% stacked bar charts as well as settings to control whether absolute and relative values should be shown on the chart. Other charts such as donut, pie, KPI, or heat map charts have additional settings as well.