Using the Chart Style Sidebar

The Chart Style sidebar lets you quickly and efficiently change the type of chart displayed in the canvas area. This tool groups together families of similar charts to help you identify and select your desired chart style. In addition, you can customize different aspects of the chart that is displayed on the canvas.

The Chart Style sidebar can be accessed by selecting Chart Style from the chart drop-down menu. It contains:

  • The chart styles that are available for the selected data source. Common chart styles are grouped together for more convenient identification and selection.
  • Settings: This option is available for some bar charts and pivot charts. For standard bar charts and multiple metric bar charts, it contains both Vertical and Horizontal options that include additional sub-group styles (such as clustered, stacked, and more). These bar chart settings also let you edit the line thickness and show labels for each bar element.

    Pivot charts have two horizontal scroll bar freeze toggles: Rows and Totals. Both are turned on by default. When Rows is toggled on, the horizontal scroll bar is frozen and cannot be used. When Rows is toggled off, the horizontal scroll bar is available for use. When Totals is toggled on, the Totals column is frozen on the table , regardless of scrolling. When Totals is toggled off, you must scroll all the way to the rightmost column to see the Totals.

The Chart Style tool features dynamic options, meaning that only options that are available for a particular chart style will display.

Chart styles are grouped together in the following manner:

Chart Style Group Sub-group



Plain Bar Chart
Clustered Bar Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
100% Stacked Bar Chart

Bars: Histogram

Bars: Multiple Metrics


Line & Bars Trend

Line Trend: Attribute Values

Line Trend: Multiple Metrics


Floating Bubbles

Packed Bubbles

Scatter Plot

Map Map: Markers
Map: US Regions
Map: World Countries


Pivot Table

Raw Data Table

All charts

Besides the charts listed above, contains the following: