Registering a New Connector Server

Before you can register a new connector server, be sure that you have obtained and installed it. See Obtaining Additional Connector Servers and contact Zoomdata Technical Support to obtain the connector server code.

Connector servers are started and run as separate processes, and accept requests on a specific TCP/IP port.

To register a new connector server in the Zoomdata environment:

  1. Log into the UI as a supervisor and select Connectors from the supervisor menu ().

  2. In the Connector Servers section of the Manage Connector Services page, click Add Connector Server. The Register New Connector Server page appears.

  3. On the Register New Connector Server page, specify the following information in the input boxes.

    Input Box Description
    Connector Server Name Specify a unique name for the new connector server.
    Connector Server Type The new connector server can be added using HTTP or Socket protocols. Select either HTTP or Socket from drop-down menu.
    Server URL

    If you selected the HTTP protocol, specify the URL for the connector server. If you selected the socket protocol, specify the host and port details.

  4. Click Register.

After the connector server is registered, add and enable at least one connector for it. See Defining a New Connector and Enabling and Disabling Connectors.