Importing a Custom Chart Using the CLI

To import a custom chart using the Custom Chart CLI:

Run the zd-chart import command, specifying the path to the library. You can import chart zip files that were downloaded from the Manage Custom Charts page or a custom chart created with an older version of the CLI.

$ zd-chart import [options] <chartname> <path-to-chart>

where <path-to-chart> is the relative path to the zip file containing the chart you want to import.

The following options are available:

  • -a, --app [URL] Specify the Zoomdata application server URL (e.g. https://myserver/zoomdata)
  • -u, --user [user:password] Specify the user name and password to use for server authentication.
  • -h, --help output usage information

Note: In CLI 4, a custom chart is bundled before it is pushed to the Zoomdata server. This creates a /dist directory containing the necessary files required to send the chart to the Zoomdata server. This /dist custom chart zip file is not compatible with the zd-chart import command and cannot be imported using the Manage Custom Charts page in the UI. To import the /dist custom chart zip file, use the zd-chart push command instead.