Enabling the Time Bar for a Chart

To enable the time bar for a chart:

  1. Select the chart.

  2. Select Time Bar on the chart menu (). All of the time attributes available in your data source are listed on the Time Bar sidebar.

  3. Select a time attribute on the Time Bar sidebar. The None (Time Bar is Off) option is not available for the Line charts.

  4. Optionally, select the Enable playback checkbox to enable the Play/Pause button (the Data DVR functionality) on the Time Bar. You can enable or disable this option in the Global Default Settings section for your data source. For more information about the requirements for playback, see Live Mode and Historical Playback.

  5. Click .

  6. Save the dashboard.

After the time bar is enabled, you can use it for the chart. If additional charts on the dashboard are create from the same data source, you can use a unified time bar. See Working with Unified Time Bars.