Adjusting the Time Bar Range Using the Time Range Dialog

To adjust the time bar time range for a chart using the time range dialog:

  1. Select the chart.

  2. Click the range setting icon () on the time bar. The Time Range dialog appears.

  3. Use the From and To boxes to specify the default time bar range.

    You can set the range in static time or dynamic time, or use preset ranges provided with Zoomdata.

    • Select Static Time or Dynamic Time in the fx drop-down menu.

      If you select Static Time, the From and To boxes are filled with default dates and times. Click in the boxes to select specific from and to times:

      If you select Dynamic Time, the From and To boxes are filled with Start of data and End of data automatically. Click in the boxes to select different dynamic from and to times:

    • Alternatively, click to fill the From and To boxes with predefined time ranges provided by Zoomdata:

      Use the filter box at the top of the presets list to locate the preset setting you want. Descriptions of each of the preset options are provided in Preset Time Ranges.

  4. Click to apply the new time range setting. It is applied to the chart. If the chart is using a unified time bar, the new time range setting is applied to all of the charts using the unified time bar. See Working with Unified Time Bars.

  5. Save the dashboard.