Converting Attributes to Time Fields Using Derived Fields

If your data contains time-related fields (attributes) that are not stored in a recognized time format, you can convert them to time fields using a derived field. After the derived field is defined, you can use it instead of the original attribute in your Zoomdata charts. This is the preferred method because the data in the derived field is constructed as data is read from the data store.

To convert an attribute field to a time field in a derived field:

  1. Log in as a Zoomdata administrator or user with the ability to modify a data source configuration.

  2. Start creating a derived field as described in Creating and Modifying Derived Fields.

  3. Specify Time for the derived field type.

  4. Use the TEXT_TO_TIME function in a row-level expression in the derived field to convert your field to a time field. See Text Functions.

  5. Test and save the derived field. See Creating and Modifying Derived Fields

  6. When your changes are complete, click Save, Save & Next, or Finish (depending on the tab) to save the data source configuration and close the wizard.