Diagnosing Problems

Zoomdata provides a "one-click" diagnostics bundle for the Zoomdata platform as part of the Zoomdata Service Monitor.

The diagnostics bundle is primarily useful as an easy way to send Zoomdata the information needed to help you debug a problem. The bundle is a zip file containing all the current log files from all of Zoomdata's microservices. If distributed tracing is enabled and properly configured, the diagnostics bundle may also contain a JSON trace file with the trace ID you specify.

An example of the uncompressed contents of the diagnostic bundle might look like this:


Before you can download the diagnostics bundle, the following conditions must be met:

If you want the diagnostics bundle to include tracing information when a trace ID is specified, the following additional conditions must be met:

After the Service Monitor is installed, you can download the diagnostics bundle. See Downloading the Diagnostics Bundle.