Editing a Saved Filter

You can edit saved filters that apply to the data source used by a chart on your dashboard. Changes that you make are only applied to the dashboard or chart where you made the change and not to other dashboards or charts that have already applied the saved filter.

To edit a saved filter:

  1. Click the filter icon (). In the filters dialog, the applied filters are listed under Active Filters.

  2. In the filter dialog, click .

  3. Select the Saved Sets tab.

  4. Click on the name of the saved filter that you want to edit. The saved filter is applied appropriately.

  5. Alter the filters as needed for your dashboard. See Applying a Row-Level Filter to a Chart or Dashboard and Removing a Filter from a Chart or Dashboard.

  6. Optionally, save the altered filter. It will be saved separately from the original saved filter. You are required to enter a unique name for the saved filter.

  7. Save the dashboard.