Reenabling the Legacy Query Engine

If your organization requires Data Sharpening for your data analysis use cases, you will need to reenable the legacy query engine used prior to version 4.6. The zEngine used since Zoomdata 4.6 does not currently support Data Sharpening.

When you reenable the legacy query engine, data fusion will no longer function because it requires zEngine.

To reenable the legacy Zoomdata query engine:

  1. Log into Zoomdata as a supervisor.

  2. Access the Server-Level Variables page.

  3. Click to access the Supervisor menu and then select Advanced.

    The Server-Level Variables page appears. It lists server-level variables that should ordinarily not be changed.

  4. Locate the data-engine-mode variable in the list and change it to ALL_V1.

  5. Click in the bottom right corner of the screen to save your changes.

The legacy query engine will be used as soon as you click Save.