Deleting a Keyset

You can only delete a keyset if it is not used by any chart in the environment.

Keysets can only be deleted by the user account that created them. In addition, they can only be deleted if they are not used by any chart in the environment.

To delete a keyset:

  1. Click the filter icon () on the chart or dashboard. The dashboard-level filter icon is available only when all the charts are from the same data source.

    The Filters sidebar appears.

  2. Click .

  3. Locate the data field in the Filters sidebar list that contains the same kind of data as the data in the keyset you want to delete. In our example, it would be Origin Airport Code.

    The Filters sidebar displays filter options that can be applied for the selected data field.

  4. Click the Keyset tab. The keysets defined in your environment that apply to the field you have selected are listed.

  5. Click on the delete icon () next to the keyset name. A warning dialog appears.

  6. Click . The keyset is deleted.