Maintaining Application Properties

After the Zoomdata configuration microservice has been configured and started, you can use the Properties tab in the Service Monitor to maintain the configuration properties of Zoomdata's other microservices. For information about specific Zoomdata properties and property files, see Configuration Properties and Options.

To maintain configuration properties using the Service Monitor:

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to the Service Monitor for the Zoomdata instance. Its default port is 8050. For example, if running locally, the Zoomdata instance would be http://localhost:8080, so the Service Monitor URL would be http://localhost:8050. If your Zoomdata instance is at port, the Service Monitor URL would be

    A login screen will appear.

  2. Log into the Service Monitor using the Service Monitor user name and password you defined when the Service Monitor was installed. See Installing and Configuring the Zoomdata Service Monitor.

  3. Click Properties on the main menu bar.

    The Properties page appears:

  4. Select a Zoomdata microservice in the Service drop-down list. The properties for the microservice are listed. The screenshot above lists all of the properties in the file used by the zoomdata microservice.

    See Zoomdata Microservice Name Reference for a list of Zoomdata's microservices. If a microservice is not listed in the Service drop-down list, that Zoomdata microservice is not yet set up to use the configuration server or the microservice is down.

  5. Locate the microservice property in the list that you want to change.

    • The list of properties can be sorted alphabetically by key or value. Click the Key or Value list heading to sort the properties in ascending or descending order.
    • You can locate a property in the list by typing all or part of its name in the Search box at the top of the page.
  6. Change the value of the property in the Value box associated with the microservice property you located.

    Be careful changing properties. Some properties should not be changed, except with the help of Zoomdata Technical Support. The results of property changes could be unpredictable, if they are not made correctly.

    See Configuration Properties and Options for a list of the property files and links to descriptions of the properties for which changes are approved.

  7. Click Save Properties to save your property changes.

  8. Click Apply Updates to apply the property changes to your running Zoomdata instance. Zoomdata dynamically stops and restarts the appropriate Zoomdata microservices.