Configuring and Starting the Configuration Microservice

To install, configure, and start the Zoomdata configuration microservice:

  1. Verify that you have set up a PostgreSQL metastore or a GitHub repository to store the property metadata. See Setting Up the Configuration Microservice Metadata Store or Repository.

  2. Open the SSH client associated with your Zoomdata instance.

  3. Configure all installed and enabled Zoomdata microservices to use the Zoomdata configuration microservice. Run the following script:

    echo "config-server.enabled=true">>/etc/zoomdata/
    for i in $(systemctl list-unit-files | grep zoomdata- | grep enabled | awk '{print $1}'| 
      sed -e 's/\.service/.properties/g' -e 's/zoomdata\-//');
    echo "config-server.enabled=true">>/etc/zoomdata/$i;

    When you have finished, save the file.

  4. Install, enable and start the Zoomdata configuration microservice. Enter the following commands:

    sudo yum install zoomdata-config-server \
    && systemctl enable zoomdata-config-server \
    && systemctl start zoomdata-config-server
    After starting the configuration microservice with a valid database configuration, the microservice should connect to the database and create a properties table.
  5. Restart all of the other Zoomdata microservices. Enter the following command:

    sudo systemctl restart $(systemctl list-unit-files | grep zoomdata | grep -v zoomdata-
     config-server | grep enabled | awk '{print $1}')

    See also Restarting Zoomdata Microservices.