Address Safari Browser Connection Lost Error When Rendering a Chart


When trying to render a visualization using one of your data sources (including Zoomdata's Real Time Sales demo source), you may observe an issue where the visualization never finishes rendering and you receive a 'connection lost' error as a red bar across the top of the browser. Specifically, this issue seems to only occur when using Safari but not in other browsers such as Chrome.

Possible Cause and Resolution

You may be encountering this issue because you are trying to use a self-signed certificate in Safari. By default, Zoomdata will initially use a self-signed certificate for SSL unless otherwise configured. Because of how Safari's security settings are configured, the web-socket requests are likely getting denied causing the "connection lost" error and the visualization to never render properly. You can address this issue by one of two methods:

  1. Disable SSL in your Zoomdata Server and make sure to use the 'http' connection when connecting to Zoomdata via Safari
  2. Configure your Zoomdata server to use a new, valid SSL certificate instead of using the default, self-signed certificate. This can be done by adding an SSL certificate to your Zoomdata server