Verifying the Zoomdata Server Restart

If you restarted the Zoomdata server using the sudo service zoomdata restart command but still experience issues, you can verify that the Zoomdata Server successfully restarted.

To verify, complete the following steps:

  1. Check the Zoomdata running time.
  2. Stop the Zoomdata server and then determine whether the microservice is still running. Optionally, check whether the ports for Zoomdata are still available.

Checking the Zoomdata runtime can be done in one of two ways:

Method 1

Run the following cURL command:

curl -u admin:MYPASSSWD --insecure -X ‘GET' http://:/zoomdata/service/system/info

Method 2

  1. Obtain the Zoomdata Process ID (PID) information by running:

    ps aux   
    grep zoomdata
  2. Then check the running time of the PID by running:

    ps -p [your_zoomdata_PID] -o etime=
  3. Next, stop the Zoomdata Server:

    sudo service zoomdata stop
  4. Check whether the Zoomdata Server is still running:

    ps aux   
    grep zoomdata
  5. Optional: Check whether the ports for Zoomdata are still available:

    netstat -anp   
    grep 8080
  6. If you discover that the Zoomdata Server is still running, you will need to force stop the Server by running:

    kill <your_zoomdata_PID>

    NOTE : If this command does not successfully terminate Zoomdata, you can enter the following command line:

    kill -9 [your_zoomdata_PID]

    For additional information about the Linux kill command, please refer to the appropriate Linux documentation or the following Linux/Unix Command: ps/kill topic.

  7. After successfully stopping the Zoomdata Server, you can start it up again:

    sudo service zoomdata start
  8. Check the running time of the Zoomdata PID again:

    ps -p <your_zoomdata_PID> -o etime=

    The new Zoomdata running time should reflect the time you restarted the server.