User Roles

There are two user role options available in Zoomdata:

  • User
  • Groups Only

Your administrator assigns your role.

  • The User role provides access privileges to existing data sources.
  • The Groups Only role assigns individual users into a group and provides varying levels of access and editing rights to data sources, including the ability to create and manage new connections.

The table below compares the two roles and details the level of access for each.



Groups Only

View the list of available dashboards and explore and interact with the data

View the list of available data sources and create dashboards based on them

Import a dashboard configuration

Remove dashboards



Save charts and dashboards

Share charts and dashboards externally

Save filters applied in a chart or dashboard

Read and edit custom metrics

Create, access, and manage data source configurations

Access specific sources and attributes

* In either role, you can only delete dashboards you have created.