API Change Log


  • Data sources public REST API was updated to v2 and the prior v1 public data sources API was deprecated. Note this change will require updates to client applications to pass in v2 content type header.
  • HATEOAS links are no longer provided with the public API endpoints.
  • Added REST API endpoint to programmatically create personal OAUTH tokens for use in embedded scenarios.
  • Updated the public REST API for connections.


  • The REST API for generating security keys is updated in 2.5.4. If you used this REST API in your own application prior to v2.5.4, you need to update your custom application. For more information, see Generating a Security Key.
  • There are many new REST API endpoints. For a complete list, see https://www.zoomdata.com/developers/docs/.


  • Visualization variables have been updated to be fully JSON compliant. In-depth documentation is forthcoming.
    This improvement to visualization variables will require limited but important reconfiguration in custom and third-party web apps built using a version of Zoomdata prior to v2.4.
  • New connection-related endpoints have been added to Zoomdata's REST API offerings. For more information about using them, see Managing Connectors with REST APIs .
  • The new Connector Development Kit is available by request. It helps developers create Zoomdata connectors to connect Zoomdata to any data store. For more information, email customer support.

Bug Fixes

  • The Embedding API had a bug that prevented labels and grids from properly displaying in some embedded charts. This bug has been fixed as of v2.4.4.


  • Query API upgraded to include pivot queries, along with grouped queries and ungrouped (field) queries. Backward compatibility is maintained. Documentation is forthcoming.