Changing the Axes Labels

Many chart styles show data on a standard coordinate grid, with axes labels identifying the values depicted horizontally and vertically on the chart. Examples include bar charts, line charts, and scatter charts.

Use the axes labels to change the metric (y-axis) and attribute (x-axis) fields graphed in the chart. The number of labels displayed on a chart depend on the number of metrics and attributes on which the chart is based.

You can specify the default chart metric and group fields for charts on the Charts tab of your data source configurations. A shortcut to this tab is available when working with a chart by selecting Defaults on the chart menu ().

See the following topics:

You can also change the metric used to determine the colors on the chart. See Changing the Chart Color Metric.

Changing a Chart Group Attribute

You can change the x-axis field, or group attribute, on a chart that plots data on a coordinated grid.

To change the chart group (x-axis) attribute:

  1. Click the group attributed (x-axis) label on your chart. A Group dialog appears.
  2. Select a new field to be viewed on the x-axis of your chart.

The chart renders the newly selected attribute.

Changing a Chart Metric Field

You can change the y-axis field, or metric, on a chart that plots data on a coordinated grid.

To change the chart metric (y-axis field):

  1. Click the metric (y-axis) label on your chart. A Metric dialog appears.
  2. Select a new metric to use as the y-axis of your chart and a metric function to use to aggregate the data on the chart. See Available Metric Functions.

The chart is updated and renders the newly selected metric. If you need to perform more complex analysis of your data set, you can add custom metrics .