Using the Chart Drop-Down Menu

The chart drop-down menu lists options that help you modify and use your charts more effectively. It is accessed by clicking in the upper right corner of a chart.

The options are described in the following table. Some options are only available for specific kinds of charts.

Option Description
Chart Style Allows you to change the chart style of a chart. See Using the Chart Style Tool.
Color Allows you to change the color palette used by the chart. See Changing Color Schemes.
Configure Allows you to configure the fields on a raw data chart and on pivot tables. See Raw Data Tables (RDT) and Pivot Tables.
Copy Chart Allows you to copy a chart. See Copying Charts.
Create Keyset Allows you to create a keyset from the chart data. See Creating a Keyset.
Defaults Allows you to specify defaults for a chart at the data source level. The Charts tab of the data source configuration displays.
Delete Chart Allows you to delete a chart. See Deleting Charts.
Export Allows you to export chart data. See Exporting Charts.
Info Allows you to review and modify a chart's title and description. See Modifying the Chart Title and Description.
Rulers Allows you to add reference lines and customize the markers used on the metric axis. See Using Rulers and Reference Lines.
Sort & Limit Allows you to sort and limit the data on the chart. See Sorting and Limiting Data.
Time Bar Allows you to filter your chart by a time attribute. See Using the Time Bar Tool.
Undo Allows you to undo a change you made to the chart. See Undoing a Chart Action.