Charts Interface Overview

Zoomdata's chart canvas provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you conduct in-depth analysis, filter data points, and discover needed insights quickly and efficiently. This topic describes the chart capabilities and tools available to you.

The following picture and accompanying legend describes the features of a chart:

  1. Chart title: By default, the chart title displays the data source name created by the user. Click the title to edit.

  2. Dashboard title: Click the title to edit it or click Save to save the dashboard and specify the name.

  3. Indicates whether the dashboard has been saved.

  4. Time Bar and Time Controls:

    • Filter your data by a time attribute

    • Zoom into specific period within the selected date range

    • Explore the dynamics of your data using the Play/Pause button

  5. X- and Y- Axis Labels and the Color Metric: Click an axis label to change an attribute or metric. See Changing the Axes Labels and Changing the Chart Color Metric.

  6. Color Legend: By default, a color legend is enabled for all chart styles, but can be toggled off.

  7. The button adds the dashboard to your favorites.

  8. The button adds a chart to the dashboard.

  9. The at the top right of the dashboard displays the dashboard drop-down menu.

  10. Click at a top right of a chart to expand the chart. This allows you to get a closer look at it.

  11. The at the top right of a chart displays the chart drop-down menu.

  12. Click to the left of the dashboard or chart title to filter the data on the dashboard or the chart. The dashboard-level filter icon is available only when all the charts on the dashboard are from the same data source.