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Map Markers

To build this chart, your data source must contain the latitude and longitude fields. Zoomdata supports a variety of tile providers which offer an overlay design for the map visualization styles available in the program. These include: OpenStreetMap, OpenMapSurfer, MapQuest, CloudMade, and MapBox. MapQuest, CloudMade and MapBox require an API key.

  1. Navigate to the data source of your choice.

  2. Select the Charts tab.

  3. Select the Map Markers chart style.

  4. Set the Latitude and Longitude fields to the corresponding columns in your data set.

  5. Configure the remainder of the settings as follows:

    • Lat/Long Limit - specify the maximal number of markers to be displayed on the map.
    • Start Zoom - set the level from which you can start zoom and view markers for the region.
    • Max Zoom - set the maximal level to which you can zoom and view the markers.
    • Select a tile provider. By default, the MapQuest is selected. For MapQuest, MapBox, and CloudMade tile providers, specify the Tile Provider API Key.
  6. Click Save to make your changes.