Using the Time Bar Tool

Use the time bar tool to filter your chart using the time attribute. Select the Time Bar menu item to open its pane. All the time attributes that are available in your data source are listed on the Time Bar sidebar.

To enable the time bar, select the time attribute. If you have enabled the time bar, you can use the unified time bar feature for the charts on your dashboard.

The None (Time Bar is Off) option is not available for the Line charts.

Select the Enable playback checkbox to enable the Play/Pause button on the Time Bar.
You can enable or disable this option in the Global Default Settings section for your data source:

The playback mode is available if the Time field in your data set has the playable parameter which is set to True and the granularity of the field is not greater than day.

When is the "playable" property in the data source set to true?

  1. If the field in the data source is indexed or partitioned. For Impala data sources, this option can also be enabled if the selected field has a connection to the partitioned field.
  2. If the data source is Spark (for example, SparkSQL).
  3. In Amazon Redshift, data sources for the first sort key.