Enabling Kerberos Authentication for Apache Phoenix Connectors

Support for Kerberos authentication for Zoomdata Apache Phoenix connectors is only provided for Phoenix 4.7 (and later) connectors. It is not provided for any version of the Phoenix QueryServer connector.

To enable Kerberos authentication for Apache Phoenix connectors:

  1. Download hbase-site.xml and core-site.xml files from the Apache HDFS and HBase services. For example, for Hortonworks you can use the instructions at the following link: https://docs.cloudera.com/HDPDocuments/HDP2/HDP-2.6.1/bk_security/content/configuring_amb_hdp_for_kerberos.html.

  2. Add the following configuration options to the hbase-site.xml file:


    Substitute the ID of your Kerberos principal for YOUR_PRINCIPAL and the path to your Kerberos keytab file for PATH_TO_YOUR_KEYTAB.

  3. Verify that the core-site.xml file contains the following entry:

  4. Make sure that the Apache Phoenix connector has access to the hbase-site.xml and core-site.xml files as well as the Kerberos keytab file you identified in PATH_TO_YOUR_KEYTAB. We recommend that you place these files in the /etc/zoomdata/edc-phoenix directory.

  5. Add the following property to the /etc/zoomdata/edc-phoenix-4.7.properties file to direct the Apache Phoenix connector to the files you created

    Zoomdata does not recommend that you provide the Kerberos principal ID and keytab file path using a JDBC URL. The Apache Phoenix driver has a bug that will not refresh a ticket after expiration.