Managing Data Store Connections

You must be logged on as an administrator to manage data store connection definitions.

You can manually add and maintain data store connections. Zoomdata also automatically saves data store connections as you add and maintain data source configurations. Saved and validated data source connections can be used in data source configurations. They are listed under the Use validated credentials list on the Connection page.

To manage existing data store connections or add new ones, click on the Data Sources page (in the My Data Sources section). The Connections page appears.

The Connections page includes the following elements.

Element Description
Saved Connections section The Saved Connections section on the left of the page lists connections that have been validated and saved. For each connection, the number of data source configurations that use the connection is listed.
Connection Details tab The Connection Details tab lists the settings for the connection. When you modify them here, you must validate them by clicking Validate. Modified and validated data store connections are immediately applied to all of the data source configurations that use them.
Data Sources tab The Data Sources tab lists all of the data source configurations that use the connection. If you click on a data source configuration, the data configuration wizard starts for the selected configuration and you can change the data store connection used by that configuration.

Review the following links for information on managing your data store connection definitions.