Modifying Data Store Connections

You must be logged on as an administrator to modify data store connection definitions.

To modify a data store connection definition:

  1. Make sure you are logged into Zoomdata as an administrator.

  2. Select (Settings) and then select Sources. The Data Sources page appears.

  3. Click . The Connections page appears. It lists the data store connections you have defined and identifies how many data source configurations each connection uses.

  4. Select the data store connection definition you want to modify. Its details display on the right side of the Connections page.

  5. To change the name for the connection, click . This makes the name editable.

    Change the name and click Save.

  6. Use the boxes on the Connection Details tab to alter the URL and other connection details and, if applicable, the authentication credentials (User Name and Password boxes) required to connect to the data store. Any connection requirements for a specific data store are described in the connector documentation for that data store. See the Data Connector Reference.

  7. If the Do As User box is available and you want to enable user delegation, optionally specify the custom user attribute set up for user delegation. See Applying User Delegation to a Connection.

  8. Click Validate to validate the connection. If the connection is valid, it is saved.