Connecting to Data

Zoomdata can connect to a wide array of data stores—from modern databases such as Hadoop, Search, Streaming, and NoSQL, to traditional sources like SQL-based stores. By default, your environment comes pre-configured with certain connectors enabled. However, additional connectors are available. If the connector you are looking for is not shown, it may be because:

Certain connectors require a JDBC driver, which is obtained through a separate download. This allows you to select and add a driver that meets your operation needs or policies. The following connectors require a JDBC driver to be installed before configuring and connecting can occur: Aurora, Amazon Redshift, MemSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SAP IQ, and Teradata.

To connect to a data store and use its data in a Zoomdata chart, you must first create a data source configuration for it. See Managing Data Source Configurations for more information.

Zoomdata supports only underscores and dashes in data store field names. No other special characters or white space are supported. If your data store uses special characters other than underscores and dashes in field names, please remove them before attempting to create a data source configuration.

For information about what versions of data stores are supported by the Zoomdata connectors, see Data Connector Reference. For information about which features are supported by different connectors, see Connector Feature Support.