Obtaining Additional Connectors

Besides the data connectors that are installed by default in the Zoomdata environment, the following are also available:

  • Apache Drill
  • Apache Phoenix v4.4
  • Google BigQuery
  • Presto v0.132 on Cassandra
  • Teradata*
  • Vertica

To obtain one or more of these connectors, contact Zoomdata Technical Support . You will receive the yum or apt command line that downloads and sets up the connector server in the Zoomdata environment. The connector service is also enabled in the Zoomdata environment, allowing it to be discoverable as a new connector service and making it available on the Connectors page.

The one step you need to take is to enable the Connection Type from the Connectors page so that users will be able to use this data connector and connect their data source to Zoomdata. For guidance, see Managing Connectors .

NOTE: *Starting in Zoomdata v2.5.3, the Teradata connector also requires that the JDBC driver be manually configured before the connector server can be enabled. For guidance, see Adding a JDBC Driver.