Support of X-Pack for Elasticsearch

Zoomdata allows you to connect to your Elasticsearch cluster and data set secured by X-Pack.

X-Pack is an add-on offering for Elasticsearch that aims at securing the data on your cluster. Learn more about X-Pack.

Configuring Cluster or Index Privileges for a User

To connect to the Elasticsearch cluster , you need to create an Elasticsearch user and configure the access privileges for this user.

The access permissions for the Elasticsearch user determine the scope of the data available for querying by Zoomdata users.

To work with Elasticsearch data, use X-Pack to grant the following minimal access privileges to the Elasticsearch user:

Once the Elasticsearch user permissions are configured, you can proceed with connecting to a data source.

Connection Via HTTP or TCP and Using SSL

You can connect to your Elasticsearch cluster using either HTTP or TCP protocols. SSL is optional for the HTTP connection but is required for TCP connections when connecting to an X-Pack secured Elasticsearch cluster.